Hi, I’m Xajay

Lets build your baking and cake decorating skills Together

Hi, I'm Xajay and I'm here to help you bake and decorate cakes just like a pro! With over a decade of baking and decorating cakes as a home business baker...

I've created thousands of cakes and desserts, been featured in wedding magazines and blogs and built incredible relationships as a Home Business Baker - So I can confidently share some valuable insights with you so that you too can bake from home just like a pro!


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Sweet Friend

I know what it feels like to be super passionate about baking and cake decorating...wishing you could find a fun and satisfying way to develop your skills...I was once there...

I know how you bake with love! For you it's more than "just a cake" is a way to encourage, uplift and inspire with sweet and edible art; making a true and lasting impact with your sweets!