How I went from culinary school drop out to corporate analyst to baking business coach.
Before there were beautiful tiers of wedding cakes, dessert gifts, magazine and blog features…all before a Home Baking Business and 4 figure cake opportunities…there was an overwhelmed corporate girl.

With a vision to start...her dreams...

In order to inspire, encourage and empower others though cakes.

Super scared of failure...

A constant procrastinator, who allowed fear to stop her from stepping out...

Wedding Cakes, Desserts and Lots of Trail and Error...

While I’ve created everything from birthday cakes to wedding cakes and desserts in between

My shift from a trial and error beginner to professional was anything but a smooth transition.

I was plagued by tears, wasted money, wasted time and wasted ingredients due to multiple cake fails...

I was overwhelmed by failure which quickly turned into a chronic case of “not good enough” that made everything feel way more difficult than it needed to.

But I didn't give up...

After YEARS of trial and error, research and refining my skills...

I started my home baking business selling celebration cakes and cupcakes.

…But I quickly realized

The first few years were very discouraging.
Let me take you back to 2010 when I first fell in love with baking and cake decorating.

I took a few cake decorating classes but knew it would not be enough to get me to where I needed to go. This inspired a bold move from Texas to Florida for a 20k + college program in Baking and Pastry Arts.

Imagine my disappointment when I expected to learn baking right away but was met with cooking prerequisites before there was any sight of baking.

To be honest, my student debt was so high with the culinary classes that I dropped out before I even got to bake a cake.

This led to even more self-doubt, disappointment and more fear of making another wrong decision.

Despite my setbacks, I never stopped dreaming.

I worked full-time in corporate and sold cakes and cupcakes part – time.

In corporate, I had somehow become a "yes girl", suffering from feeling burnt out…After weeks of anxiety attacks and tears, I decided to walk away from my corporate job to pursue my passion.

And I officially started my home baking business.

But although I was doing what I loved and making a living from it, I was not truly helping the women who needed it the most.


I discovered that walking in my passion was not at odds with helping other women walk in theirs as well

So, I decided to start sharing my recipes and techniques in order to help other aspiring business bakers. I started teaching:

  • How to bake and decorate cakes like a professional within 6 weeks
  • How to gain clarity on your cake design style and create cakes that satisfy your passion
  • How to take massive imperfect steps – knowing what you need to do and the order to do it in to gain the best results

After all this was set….

I decided to use technology to help other women develop their cake baking and decorating skills regardless of their location.

And best of all…

I’ve had the honor of helping passionate bakers just like you to bake smarter and not harder in order to create amazing cakes of their own


Through very simple action steps and techniques

When we simplify our steps...

…We all can Bake Smarter, Not Harder…

Allowing us to deep dive into the most beneficial action steps and techniques that build confidence in creating beautiful Pinterest worthy cakes without the time wasting and overwhelm.

I am able to do this, because I teach what I know

I only teach what I’ve personally done time and time again in order to create cakes for clients in my own Home Baking Business.

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Are you ready to take the simplest and smartest action steps in order to develop your professional cake baking and decorating skills?
I roll my eyes each time I hear advanced bakers telling overwhelmed beginners asipring to be baking business owners to just “watch YouTube and practice”…for me this is a true case of bad advice from good people

Because I know that you know, you have to practice

That’s why you are here

That’s what you have been doing with little to no good results

That’s why you have watched so many cake decorating videos in hopes of being able to do it better yourself

That’s why you have invested your time, ingredients, money and tears on cake fails.

You’ve proven that you are willing to practice and do the work in order to develop your skills. You are just trying to understand exactly what you need to do and in what order to get to the next level.

Ready to pursue your passion for cake baking and decorating?
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